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Asico Vietnam Consultant Joint Stock Company (Asicosult) was founded in June 2009 as the outcome of gathering and collaboration between leading experts who have got their enormous experience after years working in diversified transportation consultancy field in different projects throughout and outside the country. The establishment of Asicosult is indispensable transition in accordance with government policy that encourage private sector, suitable to opening tendency and international integration.

The expectation of company is professionalization of available consultant to create international quality product.

Starting from a solid foundation of strong team of experts and engineers, Asicosult continues to develop itself through the projects that it has implemented.

As the outcome of gathering and collaboration of leading experts in Consultant field, Asicosult is capable to provide various consultancy services to transportation projects in Vietnam, Asia and other countries in the region. The collaboration of leading experts and qualified young engineers allows Asicosult to satisfy even the most difficult customers.

ASICOSULT have defined their mission to contribution to the socio-economic development in Vietnam as well as in the region.

ASICOSULT has been engaging to providing consulting services for major projects in Vietnam



The development strategy of Asicosult:

– Becoming one of the leading consultant companies in Vietnam as international stature

– Contribution to the development of professional consultant in Vietnam follows international standard.

– Actively participation in rehabilitation and development of Vietnamese infrastructure and neighboring countries

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