Urban Arterial Road to Hai Phong Urban Transport Project

Main project features:

The civil works contracts for which these supervision services will apply consists of the seven contracts as following:

Contracts CW1A Lot 1 and CW1A Lot 2 (Km0- Km9+155)

Construction of approximately 9.2 km of urban road and bridges from Bac Son to the approach to Dong Khe Bridge. This section of road comprises a main dual 2 lane carriageway with a cross-section of 27.5m

Contracts CW2A Lot 1 and CW2A Lot 2 (Km9+155-Km13+450)

Construction of approximately 4.3 km of urban road and bridges including Dong Khe bridge and Niem 2 bridge. This section comprises 4 carriageway lanes with a cross-section of 50.5 m.

There are two large cantilever box girder bridges in this section, the Dong Khe bridge and Niem 2 bridge, each with a width of 14.0 m, the distance between two edge of handrail is 2.0 m, the bridge spans arrangement shall be 4 x 33.0 m + (75+120+75) m + 4 x 33.0 m, with total length of 543.7 m; superstructure of main span is continuous box-girder construction by cantilever method; the approaching girders are PC “I-shape” girders and cast in place link slab; the substructures used are cast in place RC pier and abutment; and foundation used is bored pile with the diameter of pile 1.0 m for abutments and 1.5 m for main piers.

Contract CW3A (Km 13+450-Km 16+100)

Construction of approximately 2.65 km of urban road, underpass and dyke relocation. This section consists of 4 carriageway lanes with a cross section of 50.5 m except for a small section of Rao Tunnel and the section along the Lach Tray river which will be constructed to a width of 26.5 m. This contract also includes an underpass under the approach to Rao 1 bridge and a reinforced concrete wall of length about 1.3 km in the vicinity of Lach Tray river

Contract CW4A (Km 16+100-Km 19+868.41

Construction of approximately 3.77 km of urban road. The section consists of 4 carriageway lanes with a cross section of 50.5 m.

Contract CW5A

Construction of a replacement bridge for the current existing Niem 1 bridge. The superstructure will consist of a main span using steel arch, approach spans using simple girder with PC “I-shape” and cast in place link slabs. The substructure shall use a cast in place RC pier and abutment and bored piles for the new abutment. The approach road at the end of bridge consists of retaining walls.


The principle consultant is CDM Smith Inc. (USA) and the local consultants are Asicosult and Hongha

The services started in September 2013

Asicosult’s roll:

Provide local personnel with the number of 54 personnel

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